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Coolrain HelpDesk is a Help Desk system which can be used by companies of any size to log, track and analyse client calls. Dependent on your requirements, the clients can be members of your own company, your customers, or even the general public.

Here are just a few of the system features:


Why not give our system a try out, you can access our Test area (we call it the 'Sand Box') by clicking the 'Test' button (top right), feel free to play about, create a ticket, try out the features, we would be happy to hear from you with any ideas for new features.

When you get to the Log In screen, use this User ID (" info@applied-IT-savings.com ") , and enter password (" anyone "), tick the box and give us a road test.

Low Cost and Quick Setup

The system is accessed through an Internet Browser only, and data is stored on our own server, so you do not have to purchase any expensive new equipment. You can set up a new system in double-quick time and be using it within an hour, and all at very reasonable cost!

Click here for further information about all the system features